Art is not a thing, …

portrait made from post-its

it is a way. ∼ Elbert Hubbard

Excerpts from Kiersten Popovich’s artist statement:

“I wanted to do the portrait of Frida – while I admit that I am not as educated on her as I’d like to be – because she’s known to be iconic in art culture. Her contribution to art and women’s history is to be recognized and I also think that her being recognizable helps in actually interpreting this pattern I’ve put on a page with post-its. I ran into a lot of problems along the way: mis-measuring things, placement and alignment issues, running out of resources, and really just time. Seeing the actual piece up in the hallway really does make me happy, especially after all the time and resources spent on it.”

portrait made from post-its

Artist: Kiersten Popovich (sophomore)

Class: Intermediate Drawing

Assignment: Unconventional Drawing (students were challenged to draw with an unconventional material and/or draw on an unconventional surface)

Title: Post-It Frida

Dimensions: Approx. 11′ x 6′

Medium: 2″ Post-It notes


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