AP and Honors Summer Work

In order for students to be successful on the AP US History Exam in May:
Summer work is required for this course. All work must be completed by the first day of school.

The following assignments are required for summer:
Read: Complete chapters 1-8
Notes: Complete notes for chapters 1-4 in three column style note taking. Complete column one and two only. All notes should be in question/answer format. You should have 2-3 pages of notes per chapter. You may handwrite or type these notes.
Reading comprehension questions: Follow the link here
DBQ Essay (TEST GRADE!): Follow the link here

Helpful hints/links:
DBQ Rubric
Suggested Construction of essay with hints
Use all documents, make sure it is arguable, set up the essay with background of the time period (be specific), after every point tie it back to your thesis, explain who is saying the quote including how they are qualified/biased in their opinion, and write formally with no “I,” “we,” “basically” etc.
Three column notes explained: 3 Column Notes
In order to best prepare for our thorough analysis of rhetoric, please read the following TWO summer texts:

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder (ALL read).
Perform an in-depth reading of the text—do not stress about assessment over names and dates; however, read carefully enough to… (a) Produce an in-class composition based on the text’s themes, arguments, rhetoric, ideas. (b) Complete AP-style multiple-choice questions based on several close reading passages from the work. (c) Launch the first semester research essay based on a pressing societal, national, global concern… à la Doctor Paul Farmer.

Student-Choice Text
Parameters for selecting a text in hierarchical order: (a) High-Interest Piece—the reading may be challenging, but it shouldn’t feel that way. Choose a text of genuine interest. (b) Right-There Text—Vygotsky’s “Zone of Proximal Development” requires careful selection. No Green Eggs and Ham (too easy) but avoid Plato’s Republic as well (too dense and too difficult). Generally, a text with no more than 3-5 unfamiliar terms per page fulfills the “right-there” requirement. It should be accessible, but require some guidance/work on the reader’s end to complete. (c) Previously-Unfamiliar Reading—navigating a text for a second or third time certainly provides value, but this should be one of those texts on the reader’s proverbial “someday list.” So obviously, high-interest is of greater emphasis than challenging, which is more pressing than familiarity.

Student-Choice Assessment: students will complete an in-class opportunity during the first week of class.
Welcome to A.P. Literature and Composition!

Read Lord of the Flies, preferably toward the end of the summer, so it remains fresh in your memory. Soon upon our return you will be asked to produce a written piece that synthesizes the text with one of our early readings.
If there are any questions, please reach out via email to either one of us during the summer. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible, but please allow several days due to our being out of town for portions of the summer.


Mr. Groom (matt.groom@central301.net)
A.P. Literature and Composition Instructor

Mrs. Edwards (kim.edwards@central301.net)
English Department Chair
Please see the document that gives instructions on how to create a login for Mastering Biology which is the online resource that coincides with the Campbell AP Biology text. You should read chapters 1-5 (online text) and then complete the online assignments in Mastering Biology. You have all summer to complete this work. You may do one chapter, complete the online work, save it and then begin the next one at your leisure. However, all work must be completed prior to the first day of class. No excuses! The first five chapters should be review of biology and chemistry concepts that you have already studied in your previous courses. We will do a review activity, perhaps a small lab and then test over chapters 1-5. I do not want to spend more than 6 class periods on these chapters. We have much work to do and this saves us time by having you do the work over the summer. Please email me at: jackie.hovious@central301.net if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you when school starts.
Mrs. Hovious  
Please complete the homework below.

AP Chem Summer Homework
Welcome to Honors English I!

During the summer, you will read and annotate Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. Annotations should include questions about the text, connections to modern society, unfamiliar vocabulary, and general insights. Copies are available for you to check out over the summer from the CMS library. Please use post-its only to annotate copies belonging to the school. If you wish to write your annotations in the book, we strongly encourage you to purchase your own copy and do so. Please note that annotations will be collected, and therefore you should show ample evidence that you’ve not only read, but also considered the text carefully.
On the first day of school, you will be completing a thematic assessment on the novel with both passages from the text as well as unfamiliar passages. Following that, you will be writing a synthesis essay using Of Mice and Men as a basis for thematically similar genre formulae.
If there are any questions, please reach out via email to either one of us during the summer. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible, but please allow several days due to our being out of town for portions of the summer.


Mrs. Davies (andrea.davies@central301.net)
Honors English I Instructor

Mrs. Edwards (kim.edwards@central301.net)
English Department Chair
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