AP and Honors Summer Work

APUSH Summer Work

***In order for students to be successful on the AP US History Exam in May: Summer work is required for this course. All work must be completed by the first day of school.***

Please Note: this summer work is not the same as previous year’s summer work.  Also, any copying will lead to a zero on BOTH summer assignments and disciplinary action

The following assignments are required for summer:

  •  Read: Complete chapters 1-6
  • Notes: Complete notes for chapters 1-4 in three column style note taking.  Complete column one and two only.  All notes should be in question/answer format.  You should have 2-3 pages of notes per chapter.  You MUST HAND WRITE THESE NOTEs
  •  Reading comprehension questions:  Follow the link here
  •  DBQ Essay (TEST GRADE! YOU MUST HAND WRITE THE ESSAY):  Follow the link  here
Helpful hints/links:
Suggested Construction of essay with hints (not required but one example) Use all documents, make sure it is arguable, set up the essay with background of the time period (be specific), after every point tie it back to your thesis, explain who is saying the quote including how they are qualified/biased in their opinion, and write formally with no “I,” “we,” “basically” etc.
Three column notes explained.

Contact Mr. Vock with questions.

Central High School English Department 2022 Summer Reading for Honors/AP

In our ongoing efforts to best prepare our honors students for the cognitive load that our AP/Honors curriculum demands, we are asking our students to complete the summer reading assignments as outlined below, per grade level, prior to our start date. Students do not need to complete an assignment but simply read. Teachers will be using the novels to launch the first semester in a variety of ways. We always encourage students to purchase their own books and annotate them, but it is not required. While we are only requiring you to read one or two books, we recommend that you read many more. There are studies on reading that indicate that to maintain and possibly improve your reading and writing skills, you should read at least four novels over the summer.

Please see the assigned books in the chart found here.

Students may purchase their own books or use their local library. Please email teachers directly if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Stacy Reagan
English Department Chair
How Reading Improves Your Writing