What is Incentive?

Incentive is an 8th period program in which qualifying students are exempt from attending their regular Academic Advisory class and are allowed to 1) leave campus, or 2) stay on campus in the Cafe or LMC in lieu of attending class.

How can a student qualify for Incentive?

  1. GPA requirements include: Seniors 3.0 GPA, Juniors 3.25 GPA, Sophomores 3.5 GPA, Freshman – Do not qualify until sophomore year.  Students also can not receive a semester 1 F in any class.

  2. Discipline – All qualifying students must not have a major or multiple minor disciplinary referrals / infractions.


How are the incentive GPA requirements calculated for each quarter? 

Quarter 1 – Q1 Incentive is based on cumulative GPA only

Quarter 2 – Q2 Incentive is based on current year Quarter 1 GPA only

Quarter 3 – Q3 Incentive is based on current year Semester 1 GPA only

Quarter 4 – Q4 Incentive is based on current year Quarter 3 GPA only