Chris Testone

Well, September has come and gone and nobody really knows where it went!  As a school, we’ve been able to enjoy some major successes, not the least of which includes safely reopening.  Our staff and students are making strides daily.  It has been a privilege to watch our staff, students, and community work together to make hybrid learning happen at CHS.  And while we do know that we have a lot to learn, there is optimism that we can continue to adapt and make the best of our time together, both remotely and in person.

Our primary academic focus at this point in the year will be on assessing our students.  The first three to four weeks of school have been designed to help establish relationships and routines.  Assessing students in a hybrid environment is a major challenge.  Staff will be working on establishing new ways to assess students so that they can effectively provide the needed feedback for academic growth.  The staff have been working routinely with the instructional coaching staff on bolstering this aspect of their instruction.

Teachers will be spending the afternoon hour on Wednesdays collaborating and planning for needed instructional adjustments based on how classes performed early in the week.  Students will still receive synchronous instruction in the morning and we’re hopeful that the time freed up in the afternoon will help them get some work done.  We’ll continue to monitor work completion and are beginning to reach out to families of students who appear to be struggling.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide the needed support early in the semester.

Finally, I’d like to extend my appreciation to the CHS community for your ongoing support of Central High School.  Despite extremely challenging times, the entire community has rallied behind the district and our educators.  On behalf of the staff at Central High School I can’t say enough how much the support has meant to everyone.

Thank you to the entire CHS community for your continued support of our school.


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