Expectations on Rocket Hill

Central 301 has detailed expectations for spectators in regards to attendance at events at our district facilities (particularly at our Central High School campus)

In partnership with Central 301 and the Kane County Sheriff’s Department, the Central High School Athletic Department would like to ensure that any and all extracurricular and sporting events at Central High School are safe and enjoyable for all in attendance. When you attend an event, we encourage everyone to be respectful and mindful of officials, the opposition, spectators, staff, and more importantly each other. There are certain standards all spectators are required to abide by. Any type of misconduct could result in dismissal from the event or future events. The guidelines to help ensure the best experience for everyone involved in any event:

  • No form of tobacco/nicotine, alcohol, vape, or drugs is allowed on school property. No exceptions.
  • The use of recreation items (IE: frisbees, footballs, beachballs, etc.) is not permitted
  • Animals or pets are not allowed on the property
    (Certified therapy animals must be approved by an administrator).
  • Outside food or drinks in containers are not allowed. These items include (but are not limited to) Yeti’s, coolers, thermoses, drink cups (IE: Starbucks, McDonalds, etc..)
  • Backpacks, drawstrings, athletic bags, or beach bags of any kind are not allowed. Some bags may be subject to brief inspection upon arrival.
  • There is zero tolerance for any type of abusive actions and hate speech towards officials, staff, or any other individuals.  Spectators will be immediately removed if any such action occurs. 
  • Any student 7th grade or below must be accompanied by an adult or have an adult present the entirety of the game or they will be asked to leave. 

If any items meet the description above, they may be asked to be returned to the vehicle or disposed of prior to entering the facility. We encourage any and all spectators to contact a staff member if they witness misconduct. Central 301 also has a strict no re-entry rule to events.

Clearly stated, once you leave the event area, you are not permitted to return to the contest.

Additional Reminders:


GoFan https://gofan.co/app/school/IL15435

  • $6.00 – Adults
  • $4.00 – Students (6th through 12th) w/out Central 301 ID
    • If a student has a valid student ID from either PKMS, CMS, or CHS admission is free.
  • $3.00 – Children 5th Grade and under / Seniors, Veterans/Activity Duty Members

Facility Entrances

  • Stadium Events – enter through the stadium gate on the west side of the facility.
  • Indoor Events – enter through Door 8 on the South end of the Central High School building.
  • Soccer Events – enter by HBT and please park in a designated parking area, do not create your own parking areas. 

Live Stream Broadcasts

Thank you for your consideration and support of Central High School and Central District 301.  We hope you have an enjoyable time at our events and thank you again for your support of Central Athletics.