Welcome to the Student Services Department

The Central High School Student Services Department is here to support students in achieving academic success as well as support their social and emotional needs. We are happy to answer questions you may have regarding student schedules, course options, graduation requirements, and student and family resources

Central High School Counselor College & Career 
Office Hours

Counselors will have office hours weekly during lunch periods.  Students and staff are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

Walk-ins are welcome & encouraged!

The schedule is as follows:

Monday Mr. Melvin
Tuesday Mr. Hartwig
Wednesday Ms. Ginter
Thursday Mrs. Marciniec
Friday Ms. Tauer

Central High School Profile

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CHS School Profile 20 – 21

Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Senior Financial Aid Information

(9/15/2022 – Presentation)

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Curriculum Guide

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For more extensive information on our Regional Programs, please visit their website HERE.

Dual Credit Program Guide

Elgin Community College and Central 301 offer several dual credit programs that allow our Central High School students to enroll in college courses. Students earn simultaneous high school and college credit. The programs provide an efficient opportunity to attain a higher education.

Click on the Program Guide to learn more about courses and deadlines.

Graduation Requirements

The objective of every student should be to earn a high school diploma. Before receiving a diploma, a student must successfully complete all graduation requirements as specified by the Central Community Unit School District 301 Board of Education, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the School Code of Illinois. Students receive a half credit for each class in which they receive a passing grade for the semester, except as indicated in this guide. A total of 23.5 credits are required for graduation from Central High School. A student could graduate with as much as 29 credits. This total may be adjusted down if a student transfers to Central High School from another school that offered less opportunities to earn credits. Graduation credits must include the following:

Department/Course Credits
English 4 credits (8 semesters)
Mathematics 3 credits (6 semesters)
Science 2 credits
Social Studies 2.5 credits
Humanities (Fine Arts/Foreign Language/Career Tech Education)   0.5 credit
Personal Finance/Economics/Incubator 0.5 credit
Wellness 3.5 credits (Driver’s Ed does not apply)
Health 0.5 credits
Elective 4-6 credits
Total 21.5 credits (Class of 2024)
20.5 credits (Class of 2025 – 2027)

Please view the Curriculum Guide for more information about specific course requirements.