Our district’s comprehensive Student Services program emphasizes the importance of academic and life success for every student. During the school year, students have the opportunity to participate in small counseling groups. Small group counseling is an excellent way for students to learn skills, develop self-awareness and confidence, practice new behaviors, and better understand how to effectively deal with some of the issues/concerns life presents. We have found that when we work with students in groups, they gain support from others who are experiencing similar situations or who have adjusted well after experiencing a similar situation in the past. Your child has may express an interest in joining a group or may be nominated to participate in a group. Counseling groups focus on a variety of different topics depending on student needs. Groups are aimed to help students identify ways of developing positive coping strategies and learning from the shared experiences of other students. Groups will meet one day a week for approximately six weeks for one hour each week. Groups will meet at different times during the school day to minimize the content missed in each class. Classroom requirements will take precedence over group participation and participation in group is completely voluntary.