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All seniors are required to take the SAT on October 14th, 2020.  They were originally scheduled to test in April of 2020 but were unable to due to the shut down.  As a result, this state mandated assessment has been rescheduled for all seniors to October.  More information will be sent out when it becomes available.


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CHS 12th graders

SAT Testing 

Wednesday, October 14th @ CHS

Additional information coming soon!

All juniors are required to take the SAT on a specific date in April 2021 during the school day. Students may sign up for additional test dates directly through the College Board website.  The official date will be posted when available.

Click here to download the SAT/ACT conversion chart.

Click here to download the ACT/SAT Concordance Tables.


Students may sign up for ACT testing through the ACT website.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Information about AP testing can be found on the College Board website.

To sign up and pay for AP testing at CHS please click here.

Illinois Science Assessment (ISA)

All juniors will take the required Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) the week of ______.  The 2021 assessment date is currently unknown but it will occur in the spring during the school day.


All freshmen through juniors will take the FastBridge assessment during their English class three times each year beginning Fall 2019.