Central High School and Blended Learning

This is an exciting time in education. We all know that the key to a strong education is quality instruction, and we know that the world is filled with technology tools that enhance our daily experiences. So what if we were to combine these elements together? What if quality instruction were blended with technology to generate instant data, ultimately assisting the teacher and student with quick assessment and feedback? This thought has spawned the educational idea of “Blended Learning.” In a true blended learning environment, the teacher is not simply an added resource; he/she is central to the student learning experience just as in a traditional class. Blended Learning offers for more flexibility in teaching and learning.

District 301’s drive to blended began as a collaborative effort with surrounding school districts. A consortium was formed to look at blended opportunities for our students and teachers. This consortium worked to find a Learning Management System, Canvas, that could be utilized to collaboratively develop coursework that could be shared across the consortium, if desired. The consortium is still working together to build courses and share resources.

This website will provide you with information related to defining Blended Learning and information for students, teachers, and parents to understand our Blended Learning options.

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