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Elgin Community College – 2022-2023 College & Career Events

Check out the list of events offered throughout the school year at Elgin Community College.


SchooLinks is a platform in which students can start their journey for college and career planning, log volunteer hours, apply to colleges, apply for scholarships, request transcripts, and more.


Find out if a course you took at a community college will be accepted at the 4 year university you hope to attend by clicking around on this site.


Are you interested in a prospective college or university?  If so, check out the campus virtually before you plan a visit.  This is a great opportunity for you to visit multiple schools and narrow your search before stepping foot on any campus.

College Scorecard

Compare colleges using graduation rate, average amount of debt at graduation, average salary after graduation, and more

Junior Year:

  • Plan some college visits to determine the college that is right for you.  If you can’t get to a college, consider using the internet to take a virtual tour.  Here is one website you can go to “visit” many colleges all over the country.
  • Ensure you are maintaining solid grades.  Junior year is the last year to increase your GPA and impress colleges.  Although senior year is important, your application and acceptance letters will come before you complete your senior year.
  • Stay active in school activities or volunteer roles in the community.  These are both great qualities that colleges want to see in a perspective student.
  • At the end of your junior year and the summer before your senior year, you may start applying for colleges.  Please watch this video to learn how to utilize Naviance to complete a transcript request which is required for some college applications.

You are a Senior!  Now what?

BEGINNING OF SENIOR YEAR:  Click the link HERE for information on how to request a transcript through Naviance.  This is for when you are applying to colleges, completing scholarship applications, etc.

Click the link HERE for information regarding the Financial Aid process, including information on completing the FAFSA.

Remember – Beginning with the Class of 2021, all students must complete the FAFSA or the FAFSA non participation form found HERE in order to earn a diploma from Central High School.

END OF SENIOR YEAR:  Click the link HERE for information on how to request final transcripts, complete your senior survey, and more.

Transcript Release Form

This form must be completed and returned to the Registrar’s office before any transcripts can be sent outside of the district.  Stop by Student Services to pick up one or print this form out and bring it in.